The home of club and international football coefficients and rankings is a website focused on a club and international football coefficients. On this site you will find, among other things, informations about seedings in UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro and UEFA Nations League, or coefficients of all European clubs, associations and national teams. Full content of this website is following:


  • Analysis. Special and exclusive' analysis focused on the coefficients, seedings, rankings and more.
  • All-time records. All-time coefficient and the coefficients and seedings records since 1999/00.
  • Country overview. Country overview shows best results and Country / National rankings charts of all European countries.


  • UEFA Country Ranking 201 8/2019 (2019/2020 ; calculation). UEFA Country Ranking is used to determine the number of places allocated to a country in forthcoming UEFA club competitions.
  • UEFA Club Ranking 2018/2019 (2019/2020 ; calculation). UEFA Club Ranking is used to determine the seeding of each club in Champions League and Europa League draws.
  • Season Review 2018/  2019 (2019/2020). Season Review shows list of all clubs qualified for Champions or Europa League and their results (with emhpasis on Country and Club Ranking details).
  • Access List for 2018/2019 (2019/2020). Access List (based on UEFA Country Ranking) shows allocation of places and starting rounds in Champions and Europa League.
  • UEFA Champions League seeding 2018/2019 (2019/2020 ; Champions League format). UEFA Champions League seeding shows details about Champions League (with emphasis on seeding).
  • UEFA Europa League seeding 2018/2019 (2019/2020 ; Europa League format). UEFA Europa League seeding shows details about Europa League (with emphasis on seeding).

National teams:

  • National Ranking UEFA 2017 (calculation). National Ranking used to rank European national teams for seeding in UEFA Euro and NL draws.
  • World Ranking FIFA 20 18 (2019). World Ranking FIFA is used to rank all world national teams for seeding in FIFA World Cup draws.
  • FIFA World Cup seeding 2018 (2022). FIFA World Cup seeding shows details about World Cup (with emphasis on seeding).
  • UEFA Euro seeding 2020 (2024). UEFA Euro seeding shows details about Euro (with emphasis on seeding).
  • UEFA Nations League 2018/2019. UEFA Nations League shows details about Nations League (with emphasis on seeding).


  • Calendar. Calendar shows all draw and matches dates of Champions League, Europa League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro and Nations League.
  • Contact. Contact us with your questions, advertising offers or any comments by email, facebook or twitter.

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