National Ranking UEFA

Each team gains following points for every played match in UEFA Euro, FIFA World Cup, or in qualifications for both tournaments:

Additional points: for each scored goal in any match (+ 501 points); for each conceded goal in any match (- 500 points).

All points are awarded for result of match after 90 minutes of play, or 120 minutes of play (in case of extra time).
Winner of the penalty shoot-out receives another 10 000 points. This rule about penalties is applied only in final tournaments. There are no additional points for penalty shoot-outs in qualifying Play-offs matches (so teams in Q-Play-offs receive points only for result of match after 120 minutes of play).

1) All points are summed and divided by number of played matches in given cycle.
2) Two latest cycles (cycle 2 and cycle 3) are multiplied by two.
3) Then, all three summed cycles are divided by five. Result is final (total) coefficient.

Please note - points for individual matches, which you can see on National Ranking pages next to the ranking, already include all 3 mentioned steps.

Particular cases:
1) For associations that have not participated in certain cycles in the relevant reference period, only cycles in which they were
involved are taken into account with their respective weighting factor. The final result is divided by the sum of the weighting factors of the cycles concerned.
2) In the case of an association that has hosted a UEFA Euro or FIFA World Cup final tournament during one of the reference periods and therefore has no points from the respective qualifying competition, the points earned in most recent qualifying competition in which the association has taken part are used.

Same coefficient:
If two or more associations have the same reference period coefficient, the following criteria are applied to the most recent cycle, in the order given, to separate them: 1. coefficient; 2. average goal difference; 3. average number of goals scored; 4. average number of away goals scored; 5. fair play conduct; 6. drawing of lots.

National Ranking UEFA 2013 was used for seeding in UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying draw.
National Ranking UEFA 2015 was used for seeding in UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying play-offs draw and final tournament group stage draw.
National Ranking UEFA 2017 will be used for seeding in UEFA Nations League 2018/2019.
National Ranking UEFA 2019 will be used for seeding in UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament group stage draw.

Sweden won match in Euro quarterfinal on penalties (1:1 after extra time).

Drawn match in quarterfinal of EURO (38 000 points); scored one goal (+ 501 points); conceded one goal (- 500 points); win in penalties (+ 10 000 points).
Result for this match: 48 001 points for Sweden.

We sum 48 001 with another points from this cycle and divide it by number of matches. Let's say Sweden gained 348 001 points in 15 matches in this cycle (10 matches in qualification + 5 matches at Euro). So, 348 001 / 15 = 23 200. 23 200 is average gain for Sweden in this cycle. Because it was one of two latest cycles, we will multiply that by two. That means 46 400 is final swedish coefficient for this cycle.