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20 years ago, UEFA has introduced format of European club football, which is (with some modifications) used until today. That means, since season 1999/00, there are only two major club competitions (Cup Winners' Cup was abolished) and seeding in these competitions is determined by the club coefficients. Twenty seasons of a more less same style of a seeding and counting the coefficients, or nearly same number of UEFA members gives us the opportunity to compare all clubs and associations from the coefficient / seeding point of view.

At this page, you can find all-time coefficient (see below). All-time records subpages show best and worst results in last 20 seasons in following 3 sections:

KO Rounds Records comprise records in all KO ties, in which the seeding has been based on the club coefficients (usually all rounds except the final ones). That means review of 788 different clubs from 55 associations in 3 415 ties. These KO Rounds Records will show you, who is the giant-killer in Europe, which club has eliminated most seeded teams, or what is the biggest upset ever by club coefficients.

Group Stage Records show best and worst results in all played groups (seeding based on the club coefficients too). It is a review of 264 different clubs from 40 associations in 340 groups. Find out, which club was never able to advance for the next round as an unseeded team, clubs from which association are most successful when seeded in top pots, or what is the smallest club coefficient of a side able to advance from GS.

Coefficient Records are focused on UEFA Country Ranking records. 796 different clubs, 55 associations and their coefficient records. Do you want to know, which club earned most points? What is the biggest single season coefficient ever? Or which club did not earn any points in its seven European starts?

Don't forget to visit also Country Overview, which includes best historical results and charts association by association.
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All-time coefficient

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