National Ranking UEFA

National Ranking UEFA 2015 will determine seeding of teams for qualifying Play-offs draw and  UEFA Euro 2016  group stage draw in France.

As you can see, each pot has got different color. Best six teams will be in pot 1, another six teams in pot 2 and so on. Position of France isn't important because as a host of Euro 2016, they're automatically seeded in pot 1.

Cycle 1:   Qualification of UEFA Euro 2012 I                +          UEFA Euro 2012
Cycle 2:   Qualification of FIFA World Cup 2014          +          FIFA World Cup 2014
Cycle 3:   Qualification of UEFA Euro 2016 (except Play-offs)

* Because France doesn't play qualification of UEFA Euro 2016, they will count only first two Cycles (and divide them by 3).
* Because Gibraltar didn't play qualifications of Euro 2012 and WC 2014, they will count only Cycle 3 (without any dividing).

* Because Ukraine and Poland didn't play qualification of UEFA Euro 2012, instead that, they will count qualification of UEFA Euro 2016 again - also in Cycle 1 (+ UEFA Euro 2012).

You can see details of Cycle 3 for all teams on the right side - next to National Ranking UEFA. Won matches are in green color, drawn matches in black color and lost matches in red color. Teams in bold qualified for UEFA Euro 2016 final tournament. More info about calculation here and at the bottom of this page. National Ranking UEFA 2015 is final (and officially confirmed by UEFA).

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Approximate earned points for single match (also depends on number of scored and conceded goals):

Team, which plays 8 matches in given cycle: Win 2 050, draw 1 000, lose 450.
Team, which plays 10 matches in given cycle: Win 1 660, draw 800, lose 360.

Gibraltar (as a new member of UEFA) counts only this cycle, so their points will be: Win 4 050, draw 2 000, lose 950.
Poland and Ukraine will also count following points earned in Q of Euro 2016 in cycle 1: Win 638, draw 308, lose 138 (They will count cycle 3 normally, like other teams).

Please note - despite numbers in National Ranking UEFA may be different from another websites (including, they are on 100% correct. Differences in points during ongoing competition are caused by more possible methods of counting (for example UEFA divides the points only with number of already played matches). But only method of counting used by gives you an opportunity to make very easy and clear predictions.