UEFA Euro seeding - qualification
France 2016

The qualifying competition for UEFA Euro 2016 in France (from 7. 9. 2014 to 17. 11. 2015) played 53 teams (including new UEFA member Gibraltar). France as host of final tournament didn't play qualification. Top two teams from each group and best team on third place qualified for UEFA Euro 2016 final tournament. Rest eight third-placed teams started in play-offs.


Pot allocation was based on UEFA National Ranking 2013 and teams were seeded into following 6 pots:

Result of draw

Teams were drawn into eight groups of 6 teams and one group of 5 teams. Each team played two matches (home and away) against all opponents in given group. If two or more teams are equal on points, first tie-breaking criteria are matches between teams in question (1. obtained points; 2. goal difference; 3. higher number of goals scored; 4. higher number of goals scored in away matches). If teams still have an equal ranking, another tie-breaking criteria are all matches in group (goal difference etc.).

Winners, runners-up and best third-ranked team qualify for the final tournament. To determine best third-ranked team, results against sixth-ranked teams are not counted. Criteria are following: 1. obtained points; 2. goal difference; 3. higher number of goals scored; 4. higher number of goals scored in away matches; 5. fair-play table (based on yellow and red cards); 6. UEFA National Ranking. Rest third-placed teams will start in play-offs.


As mentioned above, 8 third-placed teams played play-offs for last four final tournament places. Seeding was be based on UEFA National Ranking 2015. Play-offs was played on two-legged matches (home-away knockout system). Teams which scored the greater aggregate of goals quilifies for the final tournament. If both teams score the same number of goals, team which scores more away goals wins. In case of equal away goals, extra time will be played at the end of the second leg ('away-goals rule' is used also in extra time). If no team scores, penalty shoot-out will follow.

Result of Play-offs draw: Hungary - Norway ; Bosnia and Herzegovina - Republic of Ireland ; Ukraine - Slovenia ; Sweden - Denmark (teams in bold has qualified for final tournament). For informations about final tournament, visit UEFA Euro France 2016 page.