20 years of coefficients - Northern Ireland (49)

29/12/2018 19:31

Points for UEFA Country Ranking

With the exaggeration we can say that Northern Ireland is to a large extend Linfield FC, because this club has earned nearly 40% of all Northern Irish points. It's also impressive that Linfield has had only two participations without any gained points from total 18 seasons in Europe. But neither club from Northern Ireland has been able to gain some significant number of points in a single season.

UEFA seasonal coefficient

European season 2009/10 was a total disaster for Northern Ireland. Glentoran FC, Linfield FC and Lisburn Distillery FC lost all their matches with unbelievable goal difference 1:28 (the only Northern Irish goal in these six painful matches was scored in 88th minute). The only club from Northern Ireland which did not lose both matches in this season was Crusaders FC - they were eliminated after home draw and away lose. And of course - their equalizing goal was scored in 90th minute..

UEFA five-year coefficient

But Northern Ireland had to wait on their worst position in UEFA Country Ranking until this season. Only (newcomer) Kosovo, Andorra and San Marino finished below Northern Ireland in  UEFA Country Ranking 2018/19. 

Knockout summary

Thanks to Linfield FC, the Northern Irish average seeded winning ratio is very solid (71,43%). But the winning ratio in an unseeded ties is the different story. National average 11,69% is one of the worst in Europe. Naturally, the same applies for the single clubs (especially ratio 5,56% of Linfield is very weak - the fifth worst).

Upsets - wins

The biggest absolute difference between coefficients was in tie between Crusaders FC and FK Ekranas (4,825) in EL Q1 season 2014/15. But biggest multiple was in tie between Cliftonville FC and HNK Cibalia (7,61) in EL Q2 season 2010/11..

Upsets - loses

Northern Irish clubs have lost only two (from seven) seeded ties, but neither has offered some really big surprise.

Group Stage summary

No clubs from Northern Ireland have advanced for Group Stage.

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