20 years of coefficients - Gibraltar (52)

27/12/2018 01:07

Points for UEFA Country Ranking

Unlike the previous associations, Gibraltar was able to score in its first season thanks to Lincoln FC - most important Gibraltarian club in European cups. Lincoln has earned 63,2% of all Gibraltarian points, what's biggest number in whole Europe! In other words, no club in Europe is more important for its country coefficient than Lincoln FC.

UEFA seasonal coefficient

Gibraltar is on 52nd position in all-time ranking despite beeing active in only last five seasons. If we make all-time ranking according to the average coefficient, Gibraltar would be 46th.

UEFA five-year coefficient

Within first complete five-year coefficient, Gibraltar was able to finish on 51st position (which indicates Champions League first qualifying round and not the preliminary round).

Knockout summary

In all KO stats, Lincoln is Gibraltarian number one: most seeded, unseeded and total wins; best seeded, unseeded and total winning ratio.

Upsets - wins

But biggest upset was achieved by Europa FC in Europa League first qualifying round 2016/17. Coefficient of FC Pyunik was more than 5 times bigger, but after results 2:0 and 1:2, Europa advanced for second qualifying round.

Upsets - loses

Clubs from Gibraltar have experienced two seeded eliminations. In both cases, the winners were from Kosovo.

Group Stage summary

No clubs from Gibraltar have advanced for Group Stage.

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