20 years of coefficients - Faroe Islands (51)

27/12/2018 13:13

Points for UEFA Country Ranking

Story of Faroe Islands is very different from the previous ones. There is no clear leader and even six from ten clubs with European experience have got bigger average gain per one participation in Europe than Faroese average 0,48 points.

UEFA seasonal coefficient

Faroese coefficient does not include significant ups and downs. Probably the only exception was season 2014/15, when coefficient of Faroe Islands was 1,375 (which resulted in 39th position according to the seasonal coefficient).

UEFA five-year coefficient

No surprise that Faroese five-year coefficient is also very stable. Except for two cases (96-00 and 98-02), association of Faroe Islands always finishes between 48th (6x) and 51st (5x) place.

Knockout summary

But also Faroe Islands offer some extreme values. Both HB Tórshavn and NSÍ Runavík are worst European clubs within 'unseeded stats'. Naturally there are many teams without any progress for the next round, but HB Tórshavn and NSÍ Runavík have played most unseeded ties. 11 eliminations from 11 ties is the worst unseeded record in Europe! Moreover, NSÍ Runavík is worst European club in knockout rounds in total! From 196 clubs, which have never survived a KO round, NSÍ Runavík has played most ties.

Upsets - wins

Both Víkingur and B36 Tórshavn have been able to eliminate a seeded opponent three times. Most valuable upset was a won tie between Víkingur and Tromsø IL in Europa League second qualifying round (14/15).

Upsets - loses

Faroese clubs (in average) have a solid winning ratio in ties played as a seeded team - ratio 57,14% is 44th best among all associations. Clubs from Faroe Islands have lost three from seven seeded ties. And 2 of them have been lost by already mentioned HB Tórshavn.

Group Stage summary

No clubs from Faroe Islands have advanced for Group Stage.

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