20 years of coefficients - Andorra (53)

24/12/2018 22:35

Points for UEFA Country Ranking

Andorra was waiting long 8 years for the first points. The longest waiting time in Europe was over in season 2007/08 thanks to FC Santa Coloma, which is by far most important club for Andorran coefficient. This club has earned huge 58,8% of all Andorran points. There is only one club with greater share of its Country Ranking points in Europe (to be revealed later). Name Santa Coloma is also on the other end of statistics. Not FC, but UE Santa Coloma waits longest time among European clubs on any points (0 points in all 7 participations).

UEFA seasonal coefficient

As in the case of San Marino, also Andorra is usually ranked on last, or second to last place in both seasonal and five-year coefficient. It's also important to have on mind that for example 46th position in season 99/00 doesn't indicate that Andorra was better than 4 associations, but all these five associations did not earn any points and finished on tied last position (46. - 50.).

UEFA five-year coefficient

You can also check (already referenced) Country Overview of Andorra. There is a graph with final positions in five-year coefficient ranking, which also includes the information about total number of UEFA members in given season. So we can see there that Andorra did not finish last or second to last only four times (05-09; 06-10; 11-15; 14-18).

Knockout summary

Despite FC Santa Coloma is a key team for Andorran coefficient, their winning ratio in the seeded ties is totally disastrous. 5 eliminations from 6 seeded ties makes 16,67% - second worst winning ratio among all European clubs (with at least five played seeded ties). Moreover, only two clubs in Europe have got an unseeded winning ratio 0% and played more ties than FC Santa Coloma. Last but not least, all clubs from Andorra have got average unseeded winning ratio 2,56%, which is worst result among whole associations (Sammarinese average is 2,63%).

Upsets - wins

UE Engordany is the only club from Andorra, which has survived the tie played as an unseeded team. Rest 38 attempts have been unsuccessful.

Upsets - loses

List of all Andorran lost seeded ties is looking a little bit crazy as there is only FC Santa Coloma - otherwise most successful club in Andorra.

Group Stage summary

No clubs from Andorra have advanced for Group Stage.

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