UEFA Europa League Seeding

This page shows UEFA Europa League seeding in season 2018/2019. All informations published at this page (format, coefficients, places allocation, etc.) are based on UEFA's official regulations.

Format: Europa League format
Source of seeding: Club Ranking 2017/2018
Source of places allocation: Access List for 2018/2019
List of teams: Season Review 2018/2019
Results of draw: Draw results

Format changes

Besides new Access List, there are another changes for this new three-years cycle (18/19; 19/20; 20/21):
1. Winner of UEFA Europa League will always start in UEFA Champions League Group Stage.
2. There will be two Routes in qualifying rounds (as we know them from Champions League). 1) Champions Route only for league champions eliminated in Champions League qualification. 2) League Route for all rest teams.
3. Introduction of new Preliminary round in Champions Route (normally played on two legs).
4. Draws of all qualifying rounds take place before conclusion of the previous round. In that case, UEFA always uses the coefficient of the club with higher coefficient, despite given club may be eliminated in the previous round. In that case, its unseeded defeater will play in already drawn tie.

Moves in seeding of clubs

Changes in seeding of listed clubs may occur from following reasons (this page is updated regularly, after any change):
1. Seeding is based on an assumption that all seeded clubs progress for the following rounds. So if listed seeded club is eliminated = all clubs with worse coefficient go up in the seeding for the draw of after next rounds (but not in the following round due it is already drawn - see Article 4 in Format changes). Example: top seeded club is eliminated in Q1, it changes the seeding in Q3 and Q4, but not in Q2, which was drawn before conclusion of Q1.

2. Listed club is banned, or didn't obtain license for playing European cups (but given club will be listed at this page until fail of its final appeal in its country).
3. UEFA uses different coefficient of listed club due their mistake in counting (that has happened a couple of times).

Seeding in Champions Route

Seeding in Champions Route will be very different from what we know, because UEFA will not use the club coefficients. In the Champions Route, the seeding will be based on the round in which the clubs enter this competition. Teams eliminated in CL CR Q1 will be seeded in EL CR Q2, teams eliminated in CL CR Q2 will be seeded in EL CR Q3 and teams eliminated in CL CR Q3 will be seeded in EL CR Q4. Seeded clubs are drawn against unseeded clubs until there are no seeded or no unseeded clubs left, at which point the draw becomes open and no seeding applies anymore.

* Because EL CR Q2 and Q4 comprise different number of seeded and unseeded clubs, in fact, there will be no seeding for many of these teams.
EL CR Q2: only 3 teams will be unseeded (those eliminated in CL preliminary round) meaning only 3 seeded teams (from those eliminated in CL Q1) will really play against unseeded teams. All rest 'seeded' teams will play against each other.
EL CR Q4: only 6 teams will be seeded (those eliminated in CL CR Q3) meaning only 6 unseeded teams (winners from previous EL CR rounds) will really play against seeded teams. All rest 'unseeded' teams will play against each other.


League route


Champions route


Group stage

  • ~ = club starts in preliminary round
  • * = club starts in Q1 (** = Q2; *** = Q3; **** = Q4)
  • ˇ = eliminated club in CL Q1 or PR (ˇˇ = CL Q2; ˇˇˇ = CL Q3; ˇˇˇˇ = CL Q4) and moved to EL
  • 2. (3., 4. etc.) = domestic league position of club
  • C = winner of domestic cup
  • Club in bold = already qualified for given round
  • Coefficient in green = coefficient may grow up (one of clubs from given country is still playing CL/EL 17/18 and may earn another points)
  • Coefficient in black = final coefficient (all clubs from given country are eliminated from CL and EL 17/18)