UEFA Country Ranking

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updated on 27.11.2021 at 09:30 am

Calculation of UEFA Country Ranking

The UEFA Country Ranking (also known as the UEFA coefficient) is a ranking list drawn up by UEFA that makes it possible to compare the strengths of the various countries. The value of a country is calculated from the sum of the individual annual coefficients of the past 5 years.

Distribution of starting places

1 - 4402001
7 - 10111002
11 - 15020102
16 - 50010003
51 - 55010002
Note: Based on the placement in the country ranking 2019-20, the distribution of the starting places for 2021-22 is determined (see above).
The narrow lines in the country ranking also indicate different entry rounds to the competitions (see UEFA Access List 2021-22).


Placement has improved to the previous year
Placement has deteriorated to the previous year
iconClubs are all still active
iconClubs are still partially active
iconClubs have all been dropped out
iconClub is active in the Champions League
iconClub is active in the Europa League
iconClub is active in the Europa Conference League
Club is active
Club has dropped out

Score awarded

Score for game result

ResultChampions LeagueEuropa League
Win2 (3*)12 (3*)1
Draw1 (2*)0,51 (2*)0,5
Lose0 (1*)00 (1*)0
*special regulation 2019/20 for knockout games

Bonus points for participation in the round

RoundChampions LeagueEuropa League
Group stage40
Round of 1650
Calculation: Each club collects points or bonus points for its country (see above). These are added up for each country and divided by the number of participating clubs (see Detail View).
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