Season Review
2017 / 2018

This page shows review of European season 2017/2018. You can find results of all clubs, which started in UEFA Champions League 2017/2018 or UEFA Europa League 2017/2018, from the perspective of country and club coefficients. Their coefficients earnings to Club Ranking or Country Ranking and their percentage success among teams from the same country.

Club - name of club. Team in green color is still playing in CL or EL 17/18, team in white color has been eliminated.
Cou. - UEFA country code of association, which given club represents.
Coeff. - coefficients of all clubs at the beginning of this season. Clubs with coefficient in red color didn't play European Cups in last 5 seasons, so they have zero coefficients (i. e. they just use 20% of their association's Country Ranking points).
L - played league (CL -
UEFA Champions League 2017/2018, EL - UEFA Europa League 2017/2018, EL in purple color - given club has been eliminated in CL and moved to EL).

Country Ranking:
Q1, Q2 etc. - qualifying rounds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - group matches. 32 - round of 32 (only in EL), 16 - round of 16, QF - quarter-final, SF - semi-final, F - final.
Lost matches are in red color, drawn matches in blue color (awarded by 1 point, in qualifying rounds by 0,5) and won matches are in green (2 points for win, 1 for win in qualifying round). Points earned in Champions League are written in the black, points earned in Europa League are written in the white. Orange box indicates starting round of given club.
B - earned bonus points (1 point for playing in F, SF or QF (both competitions). 5 points for playing CL Round of 16, 4 points for playing CL Group Stage).
T - total number of points, which given club earned for its association's
Country Ranking 2017/2018.
CP% - % from all Country Ranking points of given association, which has been earned by given club (Liechtenstein is represented only by one club, so given club will always have 100 %, or 0 % in case of elimination after two defeats).

Club Ranking:
Pt - Club Ranking points earned on field (those points are same as in Country Ranking except qualifying rounds, which are not counted to Club Ranking).
Bo - bonus points (same like in Country Ranking). In case of elimination in qualifying round, given club is awarded by extra bonus points.
Total - total number of
Club Ranking 2017/2018 points for given club.
Full informations about calculations of Club and Country Rankings here.