Access List
for season 2014 / 2015

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This page shows Access List for season 2014/15 in UEFA Champions League and Europa League. It's based on UEFA Country Ranking 2012/2013.
Because CL TH spot won't be used, champions of Nir and Wal are moved from Q1 to Q2, champion of Aut from Q2 to Q3, champion of Sui from Q3 to GS.

Because Europa League title holder (Sevilla FC) qualified for EL Group Stage also via league, cup winners from BiH and Fin are moved from Q1 to Q2, cup winner from Isr from Q2 to Q3, cup winner from Aut from Q3 to Q4 and cup winner from Ukr from Q4 to GS.
Because Liechtenstein do not have a league system, only cup winner qualifies for Europa League.