UEFA Club Ranking
2012 / 2013

Club Ranking is based on the results of each club in the five previous UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League seasons. The rankings determine seeding of clubs in the forthcoming UEFA club competitions draws.

Final version of Country Ranking 2012/2013 (after end of Champions and Europa League 2012/2013) will determine seeding of clubs in Champions League 2013/2014 and Europa League 2013/2014 draws. Clubs without coefficient use their national coefficient (in orange color).

Numbers in columns indicate earned points in given season. Clubs in green are still in european competitions, clubs in blue are eliminated (or didn't start in CL/EL). Country code (Esp, BiH, etc.) in green indicates that at least one club from given country is still in competition. Code of country in blue indicates elimination of all clubs from given country. For calculation details click here.