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Dear users,

I work on FootballSeeding since 2012 and I think it was worth. But things change and it doesn't look like I'll continue. There are 2 reasons:

  • TIME. Since I'm not student anymore, it's not easy to live according to the football calendar (to provide you an updates few minutes after the end of the matches). Moreover, as a teacher, I have never been on a school trip (lasting more than 1 day) with my own class because working on this website. I think the time which I sacrifice for is simply too much.
  • MONEY. I've spent a few thousand € for this website: webhosting, (expensive) bandwidth, website builder, domain... and I have never received any cent. All these services will expire in June 2020 and I'm about to not extend them.

But I didn't want to give it up without "fight". So for those who really loves and want to keep it alive - I made something like a crowdfunding campaign. If enough money is collected, I will continue to work on this website. Money received would be used for all mentioned internet services and as a motivation for me - to sacrifice my own free time (and sometimes my students).

You can make a donation by PayPal donate button below (or just click on this link). To cover mentioned internet services and my motivation for every 2 years -  I set € 4 000 as a target. The more money is collected - the more seasons I will continue to work on FS. So for example if € 8 000 is collected, I will work on this website for another 4 seasons. I'm going to regularly publish the already collected amount. And what will happen if at least those € 4 000 are not collected? I would send you your money back and this website will disappear on 19. June 2020.

If you support me and by any amount, I will send you all my (excel) materials in a case of a successful 'campaign'. Some statistics in them have never been published. That means - if you want to donate - don't forget to include your email address! By the way, I'd need it also for a case that you've paid by a credit card and I'd like to send you your money back.

Anyway, whether you contribute or not, thank you for your support and visits on this website. I hope you have enjoyed your stay here :)

Thank you,

František Vomáčka
Admin of

14.11.2019 in Prague, Czechia