UEFA Nations League
2018 / 2019

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UEFA Nations League is new competition of the european national teams (UEFA members), which will replace most international friendlies. First season will be held from September 2018 to June 2019 and four teams (one from each division) will qualify for UEFA Euro 2020.


All UEFA members will be divided into four Divisions (so called 'Leagues'), pot allocation will be based on National Ran king UEFA 2017 - best 12 teams will be drawn into League A, another 12 teams into League B, following 15 teams into League C and worst 16 teams into League D. All teams in each group will play twice (at home and away) against each other (so each team will play 4 or 6 matches in group phase). Result of group phase (played in September, October and November 2018) will be important from following reasons:

  • All group winners will promote to higher Division for next Nations League season. Group winners in League A will play 'Final Four' in June 2019 (i.e. semi-finals and final, SF pairing will be drawn). All three Final Four matches will be played on single match (probably on one stadium) and decide Nations League champion.
  • All last-placed teams from all groups will relegate to lower League (of course, last-placed teams in League D stay in this Division).
  • Overal ranking of all teams after end of group stage will decide seeding of teams to pots before draw of classic qualification of UEFA Euro 2020.
  • Each Division has guaranteed one spot at UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament. So after end of classic qualification (played from March to November 2019), best four teams from each Division, which didn't qualify for UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament via classic qualification, will start in play-offs (played on single match) in March 2020. Please note that Final Four isn't part of qualifying process, so Division A teams will also start in play-offs.

    Play-off slots are dropped down to lower Leagues if less than four teams remain available for a play-offs. Best-ranked team will play against fourth best-ranked team and second best-ranked team will play against third best-ranked team (higher-ranked teams will play semi-final at home field, venue for the final will be drawn in advance between the two semi-finals' winners). Winners from all four divisions' play-offs will qualify for UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament.


As mentioned above, seeding to the drawing pots will be based on National Ranking UEFA 2017. There will be four groups by 3 teams in Divisions A and B, three groups by 4 teams and one group by 3 teams in Division C and four groups by 4 teams in division D. Drawing pots are following (numbers indicate position on mentioned National Ranking):