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Russia 2018

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This page shows all important information (including seeding) about FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. All information are based on the official regulations and articles published by FIFA. For info about  European qualification, click here.

The format of the final tournament and allocation of slots for each confederation is same like at previous FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. From qualifying group phase, Europe (UEFA) will be represented by 9 teams, Africa (CAF) by 5 teams, Asia (AFC) and South America (CONMEBOL) by 4 teams and North America (CONCACAF) by 3 teams. 1 place is reserved for host (Russia) and last 6 places are reserved for they play-offs winners: 4 winners of European play-offs (Switzerland vs Northern Ireland, Denmark vs Ireland, Italy vs Sweden, Croatia vs Greece), winner of CONCACAF/AFC play-offs (Honduras vs Australia) and winner of CONMEBOL/OFC play-offs (Peru vs New Zealand).

Final tournament


Final tournament will play 32 teams (Russia as a host + 31 qualified teams). As usual, they will be drawn into eight groups by 4 teams. Top 2 teams from each group will qualify for knockout stage. Seeding will be based on the October version of Coca-Cola Ranking FIFA. Top 7 teams + host will be in Pot 1, another best 8 teams will be in Pot 2 etc. No team from same confederation can be drawn into the same group (except UEFA, which could have up to 2 teams in one group). Date of draw: 1. 12. 2017

Following table shows the October points of all qualified teams and teams, which still can qualify. Coefficient in green indicates biggest possible coefficient of teams competing in Play-offs or African qualifying group stage (and the red one indicates lowest coeff.). For example Peru has got higher coefficient than their play-offs opponent New Zealand, so coefficient of Peru is in green color and the coefficients of New Zealand is in red color. That means all teams, which have got unknown seeding pot yet, must hope for elimination of teams with 'green' coefficient. For example Croatia (as first 'waiting' team needs elimination of Peru, Switzerland or Italy. Denmark needs elimination of 2 of them (including Croatia), Iceland 3 of them and so on. As you can see, all teams hoping for Pot 3 have got smaller coefficient than 3 from 4 unseeded European teams starting in Play-offs, so only qualification of Greece for WC can help them.  Please note - African groups A and C are not colored because their results are irrelevant for the seeding.

All teams will play 3 matches in group stage (once against each other). In case of equal points, the criteria are following: 1) goal difference 2) goals scored 3) points from matches between teams in question 4) goal difference in matches between teams in question 5) goals scored in matches between teams in question 6) fair play points (yellow card 1 point, second yellow card 3 points, direct red card 4 points) 7) draw..


All times are in CET. Russia has position A1 as a host.


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